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Deus Ex joins Premier Collection

Budget re-release for Ion Storm classic

Eidos have announced that they will be releasing four new titles in their Premier Collection Series this October, with budget re-releases on the cards for Tomb Raider Chronicles, Chicken Run, Three Kingdoms : Fate of the Dragon and (perhaps most importantly) Ion Storm Austin's award-winning action role-playing game Deus Ex. Although it was something of a flop in its native America, here in Europe Deus Ex topped the charts when it was finally released in August last year, and picked up numerous "game of the year" awards from magazines and websites around the world.

Now Eidos are giving those of you who missed out on the fun the first time round to pick up the game for a mere £9.99. And with a PlayStation 2 version of the game also due out towards the end of the year and a sequel already in the works at what is left of Ion Storm, this could be the perfect opportunity to find out what all the fuss was about.