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Watch a GBA dye

Someone's handheld gets a gothic makeover

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For a while now, mad Game Boy enthusiast Ken Soto has been attempting to dye his Game Boy Advance black after seeing another enthusiast, Milan Pollé's work on mock up black GBA packaging. By all accounts, he has succeeded, but at a cost. Ken's trick was to leave the casing to soak in a heated vat of black dye overnight, having carefully removed the GBA's precious innards first. The results, although a little streaky, are an unmistakably black matte finish. Unfortunately, this experiment didn't go perfectly. "The worst part is that I wasn't careful, and warped the plastic," Ken wrote in his evening update on the 28th of June. "The casing was fine, but I had the heat too high for the front piece, and it bent a little. The battery door had the same problem, but I was about to melt/warp it back perfectly. The front shell I tried molding back, and I fixed the original problem, but the place that holds the plastic screen shrunk, and is not just a millimeter too small to hold the screen (AAAH!)" "Right now I'm trying to put the GBA back together to see if it even runs. I don't know if I'll be able to update again tonight." There has been no word since. Have a look at Ken's escapades and the rest of his excellent site, here.

Source - Gameplay

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