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Phantasy Star Online V.2 news

Updates on the Dreamcast and GameCube versions, a cameo from an old, blue friend and how Sega will annoy a number of die hards

If you thought Tribes 2 was the hot news in online gaming this year, think again. Phantasy Star Online Version 2 is on the way on Dreamcast and GameCube, and we have the good and the bad news on how it's working out. Players of PSO who want to keep their character in the transition to the new game have a couple of points to come to terms with. The conversion process physically alters the data format so that it can be read only by PSO V.2, making nostalgic treks back into the original impossible. Also, diehard players who have built their character up to level 100 will lose any further experience points beyond that required for lvl100. Also, any hacked weaponry (such as the "hacked" Lavis Cannon +100) that may have been secretly accrued will be stripped from the inventory. Anyway, the good (well, pleasant) news is that to commemorate his 10th birthday, Sonic and friends will be parading around the PSO V.2 lobby from the 16th to 30th June, although developer Sonic Team hasn't announced what the youngster will be up to. We can't wait to find out, that's for sure. Further news on PSO V.2 affects the GameCube version. Sonic Team's Yuji Naka has spoken to Japanese website Akiba and revealed a number of details. According to Naka, possible additions and changes to PSO V.2 are not currently planned but may work their way in when the team reconvenes shortly. The hotly debated question of online play was also discussed, but unfortunately at this stage Naka isn't sure whether of not Nintendo will allow GameCube and Dreamcast owners to interact. The game will certainly not be Phantasy Star Offline as some have speculated, but Naka can't reveal any networking details until Nintendo say so. Space World looks to be the likely candidate for an announcement. The Nintendo Show in September will also no doubt reveal various aspects of PSO V.2 GameCube's genetic makeup. Until then, all we know is that apart from online play, the game will feature up to four-player split screen adventuring. Related Feature - Phantasy Star Online Dreamcast Review

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