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Intel to cut prices again

Is something having a laugh?

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As reported a fortnight ago all over the web, Intel have reduced the prices on Pentium 4 processors by as much as 50% in certain circles. Well, according to chip-chasing Inquirer guru Mike Magee, Intel now intend to chop prices on Pentium III and Celeron chips as well. As of the 27th of May, according to the leak, desktop PIIIs including the 1GHz and 933MHz chips, and virtually every Celeron on the market will be reduced. Mobile Pentium IIIs at 1GHz and 900MHz are also set for reduction. This now effectively covers Intel's entire range of products, with the exception of its server properties, which frankly we don't give a monkey's about anyway. Latest roadmaps, the report continues, claim that Tualatins .13 micron processors are closer than we think. It's not really worth guessing where Intel will go on pricing from here. Presumably they will settle to this altered price roster, but given AMD's willingness to compete, who can say for sure? From a gamer's perspective of course, who's arguing? Related Feature - P4 1.7GHz for $352

Source - The Inquirer

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