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Nyko worm cash out of InterAct

Peripheral maker licenses worm light technology

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Nyko, the company behind the original Worm Light, have scored a major licensing agreement announced yesterday with peripheral powerhouse InterAct. Nyko's patent covers any product that draws electricity from a utility jack to power an LED and illuminate the screen of a handheld videogame system, something they jealously defend in multiple territories. Under the deal, InterAct, who already have deals in place covering Xbox accessories amongst others, will be allowed to produce their Worm Light derivative GlowGuard with the patented technology, recognising Nyko's part in its history. GlowGuard will be a GameBoy Advance accessory, scheduled to ship at the console's launch, with a built in white light to illuminate the screen, and a protective panel to help prevent damage to the fragile LCD screen of the console. The press release on the topic says little more, although amusingly it does contain comments from Nyko's Legal Counsel Eric Hanscom, whose job it is to resolve issues surrounding the controversial Worm Light patent with the help of other lawyers around the globe. In fairness to Nyko however, we can understand their angst - the Nyko Worm Light for GameBoy Color has been the best-selling videogame accessory domestically for an unprecedented fourteen months. Given that Nyko is about through prosecuting those who infringe its patent, we may see more of these licensing deals in the near future. Related Feature - Microsoft accessorize

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