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Sierra holds Tribes 2 tourney

Official UK Tribes 2 Cup announced

Tribes 2 has finally arrived in the UK, and to celebrate Sierra have today announced that they are organising an official Tribes 2 tournament for British Tribes fans. Teams of eight players will be battling it out online starting in May, and the competition leads up to a head-to-head showdown between the top two teams at the big i8 LAN party over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Prizes and some other details remain to be confirmed, but what we do know is that the competition will focus on the Team Hunters mode, and that the initial online rounds will take place on servers provided by both Gameplay and Netgames UK.

Sign-ups should be starting soon at Euro-TribesPlayers.com, although at the time of writing the website wasn't available. In the meantime, for a full run-down on the rules and regulations which have been announced so far, read the press release. Interestingly, although Tribes 2 has an ELSPA 15+ rating, meaning that the game is not considered suitable for anyone under the age of 15, you only have to be 13 to enter the competition. Whoops...

Source - press release

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