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Conexant video encoder part of Xbox

Microsoft explain why they chose the CX25871 to connect your Xbox to the telly

Microsoft have blown the lid off a deal that was struck sometime last year, to use Conexant's CX25871 video encoder to connect the Xbox to televisions, monitors and ATSC HDTV setups. Conexant are a specialist video encoder firm, who develop devices specifically to provide lossless video signal from multimedia units to televisions and other high resolution displays. The CX25871 provides better visual clarity and flicker-filtering than any of its competitors, or so Conexant boast. Todd Holmdahl seem to agree with them. "The superior image quality that Conexant's video encoder provides is one of the most critical elements for the success of Xbox. Features like HDTV output and adaptive flicker filtering, as well as the overall video quality of the CX25871, are unmatched in the industry, making it an ideal fit for the Xbox video game system." Todd Holmdahl is the general manager of hardware for Microsoft's Games Division, so he's not just a pipe-smoking PR luvvy by any means. Visual quality has always been at the top of the list of concerns for Microsoft. The modified GeForce 3 GPU and Media Communications Processor in the Xbox now coupled with the CX25871 should provide crystal clear visuals through whichever medium the end user decides upon. In actual fact, the Xbox is now working at such a level that a mere television is barely good enough to do it justice. Conexant are no stranger to such contracts. They provided the TV-Out functionality in many OEM graphics setups, and also for 3dfx and Creative Labs. So the chances are unbenownst to you, there's a little Conexant chip beavering away on that Voodoo 3 3500 you forgot you had. Related Feature - Microsoft clarify NV2A

Source - press release