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Unreal Technology woos GDC

News levels and architecture demonstrated to cynical journos and development outfits

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GameSpot has caught up with Epic at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, and brings a report on the status of the Unreal Technology, currently being used in at least two games, "Unreal 2" from Legend and an as-yet unnamed title at Epic, which many are calling "Unreal Warfare". According to GameSpot, Epic didn't show off any actual gameplay footage, but did demonstrate level design and architectual technology that's being used for both games. The short article focuses on the visual quality of the Unreal Technology, highlighting the engine's ability to shift enormous amounts of polygons onscreen at once, and its user-friendliness amongst developers thanks to excellent 3DStudio Max support. Unlike Doom 3, which was recently shown off at MacWorld, the Unreal engine can still do all of this on a GeForce 2 card. Prescripted footage looks to make up quite a big part of the two Unreal engine games in development, and several scenarios were briefly demonstrated, including a dropship sequence, and a journey through a misty swamp with dense foliage. Developers who have licenses to use the Unreal engine can already make use of this technology, because as usual Epic are keeping them in the loop in a timely fashion, something that has always impressed their partners. Another report on GameSpot indicates that Shogo 2 could be in development. Related Feature - shows off

Source - GameSpot

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