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Intel to VTune Xbox

Software-analyzing, er, software, to appear in Xbox XDK

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Not content with their processor at the heart of the Xbox, Intel are to contribute a new piece of software, "VTune", to the Xbox XDK. The Intel VTune Performance Analyzer is designed to make performance tuning easier and more efficient for Xbox game developers, which is no doubt to be welcomed. According to the press release, VTune "collects, analyzes, and displays software performance data from the system-wide view down to a specific function, module, or instruction in an Xbox game developer's source code. The tool specifically helps the developer to easily recognize potential performance bottlenecks and to produce a higher level of performance and competitiveness." Taking the strain off developers is unquestionably a good thing. Console games, unlike their PC brethren, really do have to be done right the first time round, so anything that helps quash bugs will prove useful.

Source - press release

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