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More EA lay-offs

More bad news for the world's biggest games publisher

Electronic Arts have confirmed that they are planning another round of lay-offs, expected to take place later this week. The exact numbers involved aren't known yet, but the axe is expected to fall hardest on their online portal, which has been haemorrhaging money over the last year. The company recently acquired, and no doubt many of the staff facing redundancy this week are victims of "consolidation" as integrates some of Pogo's staff into its own operation and sacks the rest. EA spokesman Jeff Brown is reported as saying that the company's game development studios will also be shedding some more staff, following the exodus from their Redwood City offices just three weeks ago when an unknown (but reportedly large) number of developers were laid off as part of "a routine adjustment". Despite this, EA are still confident that they will have at least as many staff at the end of this year as they had at the beginning of it.

Source - Reuters