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BT kicks sand in the eyes of Netizens

We're all "rather weird" apparently

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Our friends at The Register have been analysing a transcription of BT Openworld chief Andy Green's address during a Parliamentary IT Committee debate on the White Paper on the Regulation of Telecommunications. Choosing his words carefully, Mr. Green announced that "Only 30 per cent of the population is on the Net, of which only a tiny proportion are using it for anything other than a passive and sometimes rather weird kind of entertainment." Thanks Andy, we love you too! As The Reg points out, this confusing insult targets not only BT's staple diet of residential consumers, but its business clients as well. Not to mention everybody else in the country who uses the Internet in any way, shape or form. Even more perverse though were his claims that broadband Internet connections should be market-driven. In other words, BT will provide them to people when people are really demanding them, and have applications that can take advantage of them. Talk about the chicken and the egg... This announcement comes just hours after developers in America trialled a 54Mbit VDSL Internet connection up to 3.8Km from its source. Frankly we're a bit lost for words, and also a touch confused as to why Mr. Green is (allegedly) robbing competing service providers of their ADSL installations when the market isn't there yet? You can read The Register's thoughts on the subject here. Related Feature - BT faces legal action over ADSL

Source - The Register

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