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Thrustmaster Announce "Screenmate"

Barbie Fashion Designer for the twenty first century? Definitely not!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

If you thought the idea of a portable PlayStation with a cute little LCD screen was utter genius (as we did), then you will no doubt be intrigued to discover that Thrustmaster is to launch its own branded LCD panel, a 5" corner-to-corner model called the "XL Screenmate". The Screenmate is obviously larger than the official screen (which is 4" from corner to corner), and is also backlit, with built-in speakers, fixing screws, as well as PAL and NTSC compatibility. Earphones support is included, as is an AV port to plug in a TV. Other perks include a car adapter with protection circuitry so it doesn't blow you up (or get blown up), and as if this were not enough, the screen is non-reflective, making gaming from any angle perfectly possible. The Thrustmaster XL Screenmate will retail from March this year at an estimated price of £129.99 and you can read the company's entire release here.

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