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Not every release date is in Black & White

Peter Molyneux's latest game may still be out before the end of March

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Just a couple of days ago we reported that EA had confirmed the release date for the eagerly anticipated "Black & White" as March 30th. Now things are not so sure, as Jamie Durrant of developer Lionhead insists that the game is still on course for release in late February or early March. "I've just had a word with our man at EA, and he has told me that the date of 30th March is the latest date that the game will be released by. We are all working very hard to get the game to you before that date."

Here at EuroGamer we all have our fingers crossed that the game will be released before March 30th (assuming it's fully cooked through by then of course), but either way this is the closest the game has reportedly been to release and it looks like we might finally get to play it for ourselves in the not-so-distant future. To celebrate, and to keep you all drooling into your keyboards, we have posted another two galleries full of screenshots of the game in action provided by EA Europe.

Source - Lionhead discussion board

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