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Black & White release date

EA finally reveal a (hopefully) solid release date for Peter Molyneux's magnus opus

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Originally we had been expecting "Black & White", quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated PC game in recent history, to be released just before Christmas last year. Unfortunately things didn't quite work out that way, and Peter and the gang at Lionhead were given an extra few months to polish the game up. Since then the new release date has been vaguely offered as "first quarter 2001" and "some time around Easter", but now we know that EA are expecting to release the game in the UK on March 30th. Expect queues around the block and stores opening at midnight to meet the demand from ravening hordes of bleary-eyed gamers, closely followed by the collapse of western civilization.

Meanwhile Midas Interactive have told us that they are hoping to have their PlayStation (yes, that's the PSOne, not the new-fangled blue box) version of the game out on May 18th. We should be getting a first hand look at the PlayStation port at the end of February, as well as having a word with Peter Molyneux and the team at Krisalis who have somehow crammed his stunning god game into the antique PlayStation. It should certainly be an interesting experience, so stay tuned to find out more over the next couple of months!

In the meantime, why not check out two galleries full of gorgeous new screenshots of the PC version of "Black & White" in action, fresh off the presses from Electronic Arts Europe.

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