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Auran Jets in with second beta release

A new free public beta version of Auran's 3D game engine is now available to download

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Auran, whose Tactics Engine powered the hit real-time strategy game "Dark Reign", have released a second beta version of their latest project - a 3D accelerated "next generation game architecture" called Auran Jet. As with the first public beta, you can download the latest version from the Auran Jet website, and non-commercial use of the engine is completely free.

Beta 2 includes many new and improved features (see the press release for a full list) including support for DirectX, TCP/IP network gaming, volumetric shadows, multi-threading and progressive mesh reduction, as well as new collision detection, AI and physics systems, improvements to dynamic lighting and animation, and a seperate tutorial project in the form of a "simple but complete, functional network game" using the new beta version. To find out more, head over to the Auran Jet website.

Source - press release

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