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Paint the town red

RoWeb UK running combined LAN and paintball party

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Image credit: Eurogamer

If your wife / girlfriend / mother keeps telling you to get out from behind your PC and get some exercise, RoWeb UK may just have the perfect solution. Taking place over the weekend of February 2nd to 4th in Andover, their next event will combine a Counter-Strike focused LAN party with the rather more energetic game of paintballing "to see if people are as good on the ground as they are in the game". As with all of RoWeb's events the focus is on putting the party back into LAN party, with a resident DJ, light shows, cinema visits and the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol all on the menu.

The whole thing will set you back £35, including your share of the six hours of paintballing action and 100 free paintballs to get you started. Check the event website for more information.

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