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Earthworm Jim for GameCube?

VIS Entertainment sign up to the Nintendo cause

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Do you remember the Nintendo 64 version of Earthworm Jim 3D? Allow me to refresh your memory; the conversion was carried out by Scottish dwellers VIS Entertainment, who subsequently worked on an N64 version of Tom & Jerry, and it was really rather good. So good in fact, that the news of their intentions to develop titles for Nintendo on the GameCube met with rapturous reception in some circles. Speaking to IGN, a spoksperson for the company said that "With news just out on GameCube, VIS entertainment will aim to capitalize on its existing experience with Nintendo to offer innovative product for the new plat". Of course, they aren't yet announcing which titles will be developed, but it seems likely some form of Earthworm Jim game would not be unlikely.

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