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Xbox Images Hit the Web

The shots Microsoft doesn’t want you to see

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

yesterday went live with previously unseen images of the Xbox console; the same images seen in the latest issue of American games magazine EGM. Microsoft demanded their removal, but at the time of writing they were still available. The shape of the console is somewhat similar to your average VCR, with an embossed 'X' easily discernible against the outline. Pictures of the controller are also included. Many have questioned the validity of the screenshots due to the lack of USB ports on the front of the unit, where they had been expected for interfacing with the joypads and other controllers. The pads shown in the images at PlanetGeForce look like a cross between the Microsoft Sidewinder and Sega's Dreamcast controller, with an analogue thumbstick on either side of a big Xbox logo as well as a D-pad, what looks like four buttons on the right as well as the usual Select and Start buttons. Shoulder buttons seem to be visible as well. The console itself has four controller ports, again like the Dreamcast. One of the biggest criticisms of Sony's PlayStation 2 design is the presence of only two ports. The Xbox has clearly been designed with prominent display in mind. Its curved roof could be joined by a top-loading mechanism, making it a poor bed-fellow for VCRs and other television peripheries. At the rear, the console features an Ethernet port, a digital connector (possibly DVI, which would indicate LCD panel display and monitor capability), a standard power adapter socket and a large fan for cooling. The shots will likely have to be removed within the next 48 hours when Microsoft catch on, so take a look while you still can. In related news, Microsoft has put out a call for youngsters aged 13 and above in the Seattle area near their Redmond headquarters to come along and test the Xbox. Update: PlanetGeForce has gone down. GameBasement is mirroring all the scans in one big image. This may go down at any time.

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