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Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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Gameplay Sales

January Sales hit the e-commerce giant

You could be forgiven for thinking that online stores consider themselves exempt from the expensive luxury of "January Sales", but not Gameplay. The sale, which lasts as long as the stock does, includes titles like Shadowman on the PC for £4.99, recently reviewed Prince Naseem Boxing for only £17.99 and many other games on the PC, Dreamcast, PlayStation and Nintendo 64. Other bargains we have found include Speed Freaks in the PSX section for £12.99 and Euro 2000 PSX for £9.99. It's still the best PSX footy title out there aside from Actua Soccer 3. Elsewhere in the PC section, last year's phenomenal MDK2 is going for a paltry £4.99, and if you fancy a bit of gaming history, Grand Prix II is also available for a fiver. Slightly more expensive is Elite Force, at £14.99, but nonetheless worthwhile. Daikatana can be had for a tenner, incidentally, but we wouldn't recommend it for anything less than comedy value.