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Arma 3's alpha to roll out next week, free version due the week after

Four missions, modding support and a 20km² island to explore.

Tactical PC shooter Arma 3 will enter into its alpha testing phase on 5th March, developer Bohemia Interactive has announced.

You'll be able to play four showcase missions (Infantry, Vehicles, SCUBA and Helicopter), explore two multiplayer scenarios and play around with both a scenario editor and modding support.

The action is set on Stratis, a 20km² island to roam around and explore.

Steam users can join the action via the Arma 3 Alpha pack (£20/€25) or Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition (£35/€40). Both versions will include full access to the alpha, beta and final versions of the game.

Alternatively, a free invite-only version of the alpha will be available from 12th March. You'll need to beg an invite from a paying player and you won't be able to play online. Or mod things.

Arma 3 will be exclusive to Steam, Bohemia announced last week. It's due for a full, final launch in Q3 2013 - barring any more Greek legal wranglings.