Xbox Archive Page 1362

28 August 2001

Microsoft gain foothold in Japan

Formally announces poorly concealed Namco agreement

Even more Xbox nonsense

The world and its dog goes mad

24 August 2001

15 August 2001

Feature | Paper Mario

Preview - Mario is back in RPG form, and it looks like it could be a stunner

More Xbox delay rumours

Problems with the Intel motherboard this time

13 August 2001

Feature | The Console Wars

Article - are Nintendo and Microsoft the future, or can Sony muscle its way back in?

10 August 2001

9 August 2001

Final Fantasy blamed for suicides

More bizarre finger pointing, this time from Russia

8 August 2001

Funcom abandons Xbox

'We'd rather make money'

Malice heading for PlayStation 2

Argonaut issues profits warning and announces new publishing deal and products, all in one day

4 August 2001

Payne gets some consolation

Max Payne heading to PS2 and Xbox

3 August 2001

Pre-order Xbox in the States

Costs between $600 and $1,200

1 August 2001

UbiSoft sales up, up and away

More good news for the rapidly expanding French publisher

27 July 2001

Microsoft farting around

Flatulent ogre steals limelight on Xbox?

26 July 2001


Codemasters announces new TOCA sports car racing game

Nintendo sues Enterbrain

"You pinched my RPG!" "Did not!" "Did too!"

25 July 2001

Activision on rise

Claws its way back into the black

24 July 2001

ECTS a ghost town?

Europe's biggest trade show, and nobody is home

Two new Bizarre games

No details, just names

Xbox rumours send shares tumbling

Microsoft insist there's no delay

23 July 2001

Feature | What's wrong with a sequel?

Article - Mugwum's quest to find out why we care so much about the magic number 2

Worm turns for UbiSoft

French publisher grabs multi-million selling franchise

22 July 2001

Gamers "better adjusted"

Another study shows that we're quicker, smarter and more co-ordinated than non-gamers

20 July 2001

Feature | Commandos 2 Team from Pyro Studios

Interview - we talk to Spanish developers Pyro about the soon-to-be-released Commandos 2

Business booming at THQ

Another publisher on the up

17 July 2001

Microsoft and Sony join TIGA

New affiliates for the UK's independent game developers association

Sega has a Ball

Makes a Monkey out of arcade owners

16 July 2001

Square aim for multiplatform

Breaking free of the constraints of one format may be quite difficult, though

13 July 2001

Mad Dash for Xbox

Crystal Dynamics cast off the shackles of the Gecko

12 July 2001

Prince Charles asked to start gaming

ELSPA to send HRH a hamper of games after he suggested kids should read books instead

11 July 2001

Kalisto returns to Fifth Element

Reveals NY Race for PC, PS2 and GBC

Genius at Bank

Codemasters clutch onto themselves as they seek help from the city

Prince Charles - more books, less games

HRH wants to ween children away from computer games

Final Fantasy not-so-final?

Rumour of a sequel to the soon-to-be-released CG animated movie

9 July 2001

Feature | Disaster Movies

Article - why computer games make such bloody awful movies

Tomb Raider: The Movie

Mugwum saw the film the other week. Now he's out of rehab, here are his thoughts (includes spoilers)

Infogrames emulate Atari

Classic retrogaming action to grace PC and consoles

7 July 2001

Lara's tits too big

According to the guy who designed her, anyway

6 July 2001

Feature | Roger Bennett of ELSPA

Interview - we talk to the head of ELSPA about a contentious report on who will emerge as the winner in the next-generation console war

Infogrames will be back

Not that they'd gone anywhere, but it fits the license...

5 July 2001

What lies within The Spirits Within?

Free bonus for soundtrack buyers

3 July 2001

Your devco needs you

Don't hesitate! It's your chance to affect gaming history!

2 July 2001