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Apex Legends PC players report a "huge drop in performance" since last week's update went live

"I have no idea what's happening."

A number of Apex Legends players have been reporting a drop in frame rates since the latest update rolled out earlier this week.

"It looks like some people playing on PC including myself are experiencing a huge drop in performance since the 19th," one commenter said on the Apex Legends subreddit. "Some say it's from the anti-cheat, others say it's from the new update that added the Crypto stuff. Regardless, I don't think there's anything we can do about it so all that's left is waiting for a fix.

"It would be much appreciated if you could follow this link and click "me too" to show how many people are actually affected by this," they added. "Who knows, maybe they'll do something about it a bit faster."

"I've also noticed this. It happened right after the patch and then it went away after 2~ days without me doing anything at all," added another commenter. "Now it's back, I can't get more than 45 FPS in some zones when I'm usually at 85 FPS everywhere. I have no idea what's happening."

"September 13 patch really cripple[d] my performance from constant 144fps high texture and everything else low, to constantly stutter 80fps at very low texture even at an empty area as swamp or water treatment," opined another troubled Legend.

Others are complaining of "slow-mo stutter", too.

"When the server melts, it does a sort of slow-mo stutter that can vary in severity," a player reported. "The last two days it has been low key stuttering all the time, in a very minor way, but people I play with have noticed too."

Interestingly, it doesn't seem just PC players are being affected, either. "Happens on Xbox too", said one reply, whilst another added: "PS4 as well. Some random frame drops."

As yet, Respawn has not responded formally to the complaints.

Respawn recently announced Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown will kick off on 1st October, bringing the new Legend, a new battle pass and Series 2 of Ranked play, confirming many of the leaks we've seen so far. The next Legend will indeed be Crypto and the new season will add in a brand new weapon - the charge rifle - both of which were leaked at a GameStop conference last month.

As expected from datamines, Crypto's abilities will involve deploying "specialised surveillance drones to stay in the fight and out of the spotlight". Respawn has also provided a lore trailer for the character, as part of the 'Stories from the Outlands' series to give a bit of background on some of the Legends.

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