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Apex Legends' Halloween-themed Monsters Within event starts next week

Adds new Arenas map, Shadow Royale, and more.

Apex Legends is getting in on the spooky action October inevitably brings with its special Halloween-themed Monsters Within limited-time event, starting next Tuesday, 12th October.

Monsters Within's most notable addition is Encore, a brand-new map for Arenas mode that whisks players off to Boreas, the home planet of recently introduced playable character Seer. This wide-open map is flanked by two high-ground power positions - the VIP Lounge and the Performance Stage - said to require strong environmental awareness, teamwork, and strategy if victory is to be secured.

As you'll immediately notice in the Monsters Within trailer below, the one thing Encore isn't is spooky, but things get a little more sinister starting on 26th October, when Apex Legends' Shadow Royale mode returns.

Apex Legends Monsters Within Event.Watch on YouTube

As developer Respawn explains, Shadow Royale is a "different kind of Battle Royale where slain Legends respawn in a Shadow-Form to exact revenge and help living squadmates. Shadow lives are infinite, and your squad's not eliminated until the last living Legend falls."

The final component of Apex Legends' Monster Within festivities (aside from a range of premium cosmetics) comes in the form of a three-week-long event reward track, running from 12th October to 2nd November and unlocking a range of Halloween-themed items, including gun charms, Epic holosprays, and Epic skins.

A few additional details can be found on the Apex Legends website.

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