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Apex Legends celebrates second anniversary with collection event

And there's even some free stuff.

Apex Legends is celebrating its second anniversary this month, and along with releasing information about the game's early development stages, Respawn is also introducing an anniversary collection event to the game.

To celebrate the anniversary, players will be able to earn 22 items, "including two event packs and ten apex packs". Players will also receive five rewards for logging in the first time, although exactly what these are remains a mystery.

The event is also bringing back 24 skins that previously appeared in the game, with a splash of red and gold paint. Unlocking all of these will earn players 150 heirloom shards - although judging by previous collection events, this could be rather pricey.

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event TrailerWatch on YouTube

A new playlist called Locked and Loaded is also being introduced, in which players land with a full set of level one gear (including a mozambique). All other white gear has been removed from the loot pool, however, so you should be able to upgrade your equipment quickly. Which is good, because nobody wants to keep a mozambique for long.

The anniversary event runs from 9th to 23rd February, and coincides with Season 8 - which began on Tuesday and introduced explosives expert Fuse.

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