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Apex Legends breaks down newest hero Fuse's abilities ahead of next week's Season 8

Grenadier! Knuckle Cluster! Motherlode!

Apex Legends' eighth season, Mayhem, is now mere days away from its Tuesday, 2nd February launch, and developer Respawn is continuing to feverishly crank the hype handle in anticipation, this time delivering a full run-down of the abilities employed by new hero Fuse.

Walter "Fuse" Fitzroy, a former mercenary and a "true connoisseur of explosives", is the 16th hero to join Apex Legends' ever-growing line-up, and, following on from his initial unveiling earlier this month, has now been given the full reveal treatment in a new video.

Fuse, who can rain-down destruction from an "exceptional range", comes equipped with the passive Grenadier ability. This enables him to stack one more grenade per inventory slot than any other hero, and throw them "farther, faster, and more accurately" using his mechanical arm.

Meet Fuse - Apex Legends Character Trailer.Watch on YouTube

His Knuckle Cluster, meanwhile, is a tactical cluster bomb that spews out mini concussion mines, and his Ultimate is the mighty Motherlode - which fires a massive mortar skyward and surrounds Fuse's adversaries with a ring of fire once detonated.

Alongside Fuse, Season 8 introduces a new lever-action rifle known as The 30-30 Repeater, a new Battle Pass and Ranked Season, plus some major changes to the Kings Canyon map. It comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC next Tuesday, 2nd February, and there are rumours Apex Legends' long-awaited Switch release will arrive on the same day.