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Apex Legends reveals decimated Kings Canyon in new Season 8 gameplay trailer

With only a week to go until launch.

Apex Legends' eighth season of content - officially titled Mayhem - is almost here, and developer Respawn is readying for its 2nd February release with a brand-new gameplay trailer, showing off, among other things, the newly obliterated Kings Canyon map.

Season 8's big addition, of course, is new hero Fuse - an Australian demolitions expert and Bonecage Champion from the planet Salvo who, as you might imagine, gets a substantial airing in the latest, unexpectedly 80s-styled trailer.

There's a peek at new lever-action rifle the 30-30 Repeater, and the trailer also appears to confirm earlier leaks from data miners that Fuse's special abilities will include the use of his mechanical arm to toss stun grenades, as well as a devastating ultimate (reportedly named The Motherlode) that sees the massive cannon on his back come into play.

Apex Legends Season 8 - Mayhem Gameplay Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Perhaps the trailer's biggest reveal, though, is the first proper look at Season 8's decimated Kings Canyon map, ruined following the explosive events of a recent cinematic trailer.

The resulting ship crash has opened the map up to the north, introducing new areas, gameplay opportunities, and lore that Respawn has detailed more thoroughly in a related blog post. The key new points of interest, however, are the immense crash site, a flooded version of Slum Lakes known as Spotted Lakes, and a scenic pathway scattered with imposing Leviathan bones - all complemented by a range of further tweaks and additions.

Players will be able to explore the overhauled map - alongside a new Battle Pass and a new Ranked Season - when Apex Legends' Season 8 comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC (and possibly Switch?) next Tuesday, 2nd February.

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