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Another secret method to kill Kraid has been discovered in Metroid Dread

Plus speedruns are even quicker.

Samus facing off against Kraid, the second boss in Metroid Dread.
Image credit: Nintendo

It wasn't long after Metroid Dread was released that a major sequence break was discovered.

Grabbing the morph ball bombs early opens up a secret method of killing Kraid, the game's second boss.

Now a new method of beating the boss has been discovered that requires another item to be grabbed early: the flash shift.

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This item allows Samus to dash in quick succession and is usually found a short while after the Kraid fight.

However, if found beforehand, Samus will be able to flash shift into Kraid's face instead of a parry and unleash a barrage of missiles.

Twitter user Yassu Yassu showed the secret method in action.

So far speedrunners have been having a field day with Metroid Dread, even though sequence breaks often take up more time overall.

We previously reported the top speedrun time as 1h 25m 21s by Australian speedrunner Hardpelicn.

That has since been broken, as per, by French player Oopla with a time of 1h 20m 56s.

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