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Metroid Dread speedrunners are finishing the game in under 90 minutes

Speed booster.

Metroid Dread speedrunners have now finished the game in under 90 minutes.

The Metroid series has always been popular with the speedrunning community who regularly find sequence breaks to force their way through the game that little bit quicker.

However, speedrunning records for Metroid Dread have avoided a popular sequence break to kill the towering boss Kraid using the morph ball bomb. The time it would take to collect that item early would be a net loss in the overall time.

The site speedrun.com lists the world records for completion time, which was held by Finnish player Samura1man. The game has been praised for its fast and fluid motion, but Samura1man's run of 1h 26m 09s features some nifty tricks and expert knowledge of enemy placement.

You can watch the full run below.

However, that record has since been beaten by Australian speedrunner Hardpelicn with a time of 1h 25m 21s.

These records are for an any percent run of the game, meaning not all items are required. Still, when the average playtime is around 10 hours, these runs are incredibly impressive.

The game has only been out for a couple of weeks, so no doubt - as more tips and sequence breaks are discovered - those times will be beaten further.

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