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Among Us' new Airship map is out at the end of March

Arriving alongside new accounts system.

Developer InnerSloth has announced Among Us' eagerly awaited fourth map, known as The Airship, will finally launch on 31st March.

Revealed during last December's Game Awards, The Airship is inspired by another InnerSloth series, the Henry Stickmin Collection, and introduces new rooms, tasks, and ways to move around, including ladders. It also lets players pick their own starting room.

InnerSloth had originally been hoping to launch The Airship map, which it describes as its "biggest one yet", a little sooner. As it explains in a new blog post, however, several factors prevented it from doing so - including the 5-person team needing to deal with everything from maintenance to hiring to working on last year's Switch port in recent months.

Among Us - The Airship Map Reveal Trailer.Watch on YouTube

"Honestly we're also a bit tired!," the developer continued. "Since Among Us blew up so late in 2020, it meant we weren't able to take a proper winter holiday, and sometimes we can end up working quite late handling things. This isn't something to be proud of at all, especially since the games industry often has a problem with crunch that we want to avoid. But we're trying to be transparent with you, and we want to be better about this."

One additional area that's required a substantial amount of attention from the team is Among Us' new account system, which will be launching alongside The Airship on 31st March and is intended to help improve moderation and reporting tools.

"It would be wrong to launch the new map, get all hyped, and pretend like there were no issues with toxicity," InnerSloth explained, "So these two things needed to launch together."

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