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American McGee asks if you'd back Alice 3 on Kickstarter if he could get rights from EA

Is Hatter yes?

American McGee, the quirky creator of the madness-themed Alice (in Wonderland) video games, would like to know if you'd like Alice 3, and if you would, would you back its development with your money on Kickstarter?

Wrote he on Facebook:

Some of the more freaky Alice fan art out there. DeviantART link at bottom of story.

There's plenty of support from his followers on Facebook, but what about from you?

McGee helmed the EA Alice: Madness Returns 2011 video game that wasn't very good. Beyond the striking and twisted art style, the gameplay was shallow. The game didn't sell very well as a result.

American McGee made headlines in January this year when he accused EA of mis-marketing Alice: Madness Returns as a dark and twisted, hardcore horror game.

At the same time he revealed that he had ideas for another Alice game that would complete the overarching story of the games. McGee's Alice games pose the question that if Wonderland is created by Alice's brain, what happens if Alice goes mad?

His new idea: "Remember when Neo figured out he could mess with the Matrix and reality?" he said. "Like that."

American McGee's Spicy Horse studio (based in Shanghai, China) has just released successfully Kickstarted and free-to-play action-RPG Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. It's inspired by Japanese themes and Red Riding Hood. The game, apparently, will never end.

Wonderfully evocative Alice art created by deviantARTist Nightmaree-moon-sis.

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