Alice: Madness Returns


Digital FoundryAlice: Madness Returns Performance Analysis

A 30FPS baseline, but less tearing on Xbox 360.

Digital FoundryAlice: Madness Returns - PS3/360/PC Face-Off

The PC version factored into the console comparison.

Digital FoundryAlice: Madness Returns - PS3/360 Face-Off

The latest Unreal Engine-powered hit compared.

Key events

American McGee's Spicy Horse studio cuts staff, ditches F2P

"It's time we pivot to something new."

American McGee's Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter successful

Animated shorts in development, movie may follow.

Alice: Otherlands recruits legendary director Tsui Hark

From the creator of Once Upon a Time in China and Time and Tide.

American McGee cancels failing OZombie Kickstarter

UPDATE: Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter launched.

Alice dev American McGee backtracks on EA marketing slur

"'Tricked' is the wrong word. I want to take that back."

Japan chart: Rhythm Heaven, 3DS on top

Top 10 debut for Alice: Madness Returns.

Digital FoundryAlice: Madness Returns Performance Analysis

A 30FPS baseline, but less tearing on Xbox 360.

Digital FoundryAlice: Madness Returns - PS3/360/PC Face-Off

The PC version factored into the console comparison.

Digital FoundryAlice: Madness Returns - PS3/360 Face-Off

The latest Unreal Engine-powered hit compared.

UK Top 40: Zumba beats Zelda

Child of Eden enters in 25th.

Alice: Madness Returns

Stuff it back down the rabbit hole.

Out This Week - 17/06/11

Zelda! Alice! Dungeon Siege! Child of Eden!

VideoAlice: Madness Returns launch trailer

16th June is the very important date.

VideoAlice: Madness Returns intro cinematic

Rabbit-filled and rather disturbing.

VideoAlice: Madness Returns gameplay

Another stab at Wonderland 14th June.

Alice console port confirmed

Free with new copies of Madness Returns.

McGee's original Alice coming to consoles?

Madness Returns to include download code.

Latest Alice: Madness Returns pics

Racing to very important date in June.

Alice: Madness Returns

Screw the looking glass.

Alice: Madness Returns release date

Sequel set for the summer.

VideoBloody Alice: Madness Returns teaser

American McGee back in the looking glass.

VideoAlice Madness Returns trailer

American McGee back down the rabbit-hole.

FeatureAlice: Madness Returns

American McGee describes the sequel.

McGee: Alice won't go "over the top"

But will tackle "adult" and "mature" topics.

VideoAlice: Madness Returns is gruesome

Not for the faint-hearted.

EA announces Alice: Madness Returns

American McGee's disturbing interpretation.

McGee pitching gory Red Riding Hood

Looking for publisher at GDC.

American McGee's Alice out in 2011

Spooky teaser site launched.

User-content should be rewarded - McGee

"Might inspire communities" to try harder.

EA to publish Alice follow-up

American McGee back in Wonderland.

American McGee reveals new project

Pre-production starting soon.

Max Payne, Alice on track

To make big screen debuts.

Buffy to star in Alice movie

TCM remake director to helm.