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Ace Combat pre-order gives MP skills

Game offers punters "combat advantage".

If you pre-order Ace Combat: Assault Horizon at Game you get three extra multiplayer skills that offer "a combat advantage".

Enhanced Dog Fight Mode makes it easier to initiate DFM but harder to initiate Air Strike Mode. Enhanced Air Strike Mode, on the other hand, makes it easier to initiate ASM but harder to initiate DFM.

MG Cool Down, meanwhile, makes your machine gun less likely to overheat.

You can share these abilities with team members by using the Friendly Assist System.

Eurogamer wrote an Ace Combat: Assault Horizon preview in May.

"This is the most cinematic Ace Combat game yet," beamed Christian Donlan, "and also the most approachable.

"If you're a fan of the series, there's more than enough of the old design intact to keep you happy, by the looks of it. If you're a newcomer who's after a way in, you may be surprised how engrossing all this jet fighter stuff can be."