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Ace Combat Assault Horizon exclusives

Pre-orders get Limited Edition.


Namco Bandai has contacted Eurogamer to correct an error in its initial press release - Ace Combat Assault Horizon's Limited Edition will be packaged in a folded box, not the steel tin as previously stated.


Gamers who pre-order aerial fighter Ace Combat Assault Horizon will get the game's Limited Edition, publisher Namco Bandai has revealed.

Players who put their money down get the upgrade at no extra cost.

What's included in the Limited Edition's "battle-ready" steel case? As well as the game itself you'll get a soundtrack CD, a notebook signed by the development team at Project Aces, plus a card to download an exclusive in-game aircraft - the F-4E Phantom II.

The Limited Edition is the only way you'll get to fly the supersonic fighter bomber. Footage and screenshots of the F-4E Phantom II in action lie below.

Christian Donlan strapped himself in for a Eurogamer Ace Combat Assault Horizon preview earlier this year, reporting it was "shaping up to be frantic and intense. This is the most cinematic Ace Combat game yet, and also the most approachable".

Assault Horizon, the latest in the long-running Ace Combat series, launches in the UK on 14th October.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon's Limited Edition.