Ace Combat: Assault Horizon


Key events

Dark Souls sells over a million in the West

Ace Combat, Soulcalibur 5 sales in.

Japan chart: Ace Combat, Just Dance rule

Top 10 finishes for Forza, Dead Rising 2.

UK Top 40: Forza 4 fights off FIFA 12

PES lands fifth, Spider-man 39th.

EU PlayStation Store update 12th October

Castlevania! DA2! Space Marine for 50!

Out This Week - 14/10/11

Forza 4! Ace Combat! PES 2012! More!

Ace Combat demo: 1.2 million downloads

That's a pretty full pattern.

Single-player Ace Combat demo tomorrow

We've got horizon this.

Ace Combat pre-order gives MP skills

Game offers punters "combat advantage".

Ace Combat Assault Horizon screens

Blackbird flying in the dead of night.

VideoAce Combat: Assault Horizon gameplay

Washington DC under attack.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon exclusives

Pre-orders get Limited Edition.

VideoAce Combat Assault Horizon video

Pre-order bonuses detailed.

VideoAce Combat: Assault Horizon trailer

Air to the aerial combat throne?

Ace Combat Assault Horizon release date

Ace Combat 3DS announced.

VideoAce Combat: Assault Horizon gameplay

Namco shows off in-game antics.

VideoAce Combat Assault Horizon trailer

Dirty dogfighting decisively detailed.

VideoAce Combat Assault Horizon trailer

Namco Bandai shows off aerial action.

VideoAce Combat embraces Christmas

Man and busty blonde promote.

VideoAce Combat: Assault Horizon trailer

Latest footage from Tokyo.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon announced

Due out for PS3/360 in 2011.