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Acclaimed construction and automation sim Factorio heading to Switch

Out in October.

Wube Software's much-loved construction and management sim Factorio will be making its way to Switch on 28th October.

Factorio, which has garnered a seemingly endless procession of rave reviews since entering Steam early access all the way back in 2016 (it got its full release in 2020), casts players as impromptu space industrialists, tasking them with building increasingly elaborate contraptions in a ceaseless grasp for ever-more efficient automation.

Ultimately, the goal is to build a rocket ship and escape the planet you've crash-landed on - a process that begins by farming natural resources to create basic machines which, in turn, open up more and more construction possibilities the further you travel along the tech tree. Eventually, with the planet's hostile local wildlife dead and conveyor belts stretching as far as the eye can see, freedom should, hopefully, be yours.

Factorio - Trailer 2020.

In a blog post detailing Factorio's Switch release, Wube explains all content from the PC version will be available on Nintendo's platform - running between 30fps and 60fps for an "average" play-through - and that co-operative multiplayer (available locally or via cross-platform online) is supported. Additionally, saves are compatible between all platforms, with save transfer possible via multiplayer at launch.

Factorio launches for Switch on 28th October.

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