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The Witcher 3 money exploit involves stinging a dwarf dead over and over again

Oh, beehive.

There's a way of exploiting The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to earn lots and lots of money, and it involves rolling a beehive into town and then having the bees sting and kill a dwarf, obviously.

As has been pointed out, this is an exploit that's been around since last autumn, but given the gold requirements of top-level equipment in new expansion Blood and Wine it's useful nonetheless.

The town is White Orchard (the starter town), the dwarf is a smith called Willis, and the beehive is a beehive on a tree down the road. You need to knock it off using your Aard Sign - your Force Push - and then roll it into town, casting Aard over and over again.

The aim is to roll the hive next to Willis at which point the angry bees will kill him. You then meditate for an hour, maybe thinking about what you've done, and when you open your eyes another Willis will be there - beside the corpse of the Willis you just manslaughtered. But the bees will be there too so it's bye bye Willis for a second time - and for as many times as you care to repeat it.

The Willis corpse-mountain you're building you can loot for whatever money he had on him when he died. Because of that, it makes sense to go and buy everything he's selling before he dies so that he's rolling in money when he does die. That wealthy pre-death version of him will be replicated.

Kotaku has annotated maps and a video explaining how to do the exploit.

Here's a video from last autumn walking through the exploit.Watch on YouTube

But be warned all you filthy cheaters you: CD Projekt Red has a history of catching up with Witcher 3 money exploiters in inventive ways. With first Witcher 3 expansion Hearts of Stone it was a Taxman who tracked down exploiters and literally presented them the bill. I wonder what it will be this time.

If you're a Witcher 3 fan and don't already own second expansion Blood and Wine then you really ought to. It's Essential, as we wrote in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine review. We also have a Witcher 3: Blood and Wine guide if you need a bit of help or want to know where something is.

Watch on YouTube

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