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PUBG: New State pulls in a whopping 17m pre-registration sign-ups

Not a poultry amount.

If you were wondering just how popular PUBG is on mobile, the answer is: very, as 17 million people have now signed up for upcoming mobile title PUBG: New State.

PUBG: New State was announced back in February and described as the "only mobile successor to the original PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds". It's a futuristic version of PUBG set after the events of the original game, in the year 2051. It's supposed to have "ultra-realistic graphics" that will surpass "what was previously possible in mobile gaming graphics", along with some new game mechanics like dodging, drone calls and support requests.

Pre-registration was opened up following the game's announcement, with players able to register their interest via Google Play and the App Store. And it seems to have received a lot of attention, judging by the numbers announced by PUBG Corp today.

"With the conclusion of PUBG: New State's Closed Alpha, we're happy to announce that we have also exceeded 17 million pre-registrations!" said the game's official Twitter account. "We want to thank everyone for the amazing support, which allowed us to reach this incredible feat."

PUBG: New State Pre-registration Trailer

PUBG: New State is set to launch sometime in 2021, and although there's no set release date, yesterday the game's social media accounts teased that it could be "right around the corner". Perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised by the enormous amount of interest - in March this year it was revealed that PUBG Mobile had been downloaded one billion times in total.

Anyway, if you do decide to pre-register and join those 17m other people, it looks like you get a notification when the game becomes available - along with access to a limited vehicle skin as a reward.

PUBG Corp seems to have a lot on its plate at the moment: the original PUBG is getting new maps and map remasters, while there's an upcoming sci-fi horror game called The Callisto Protocol launching next year. It also looks like a cowboy-themed PUBG game is in the works, although we've heard significantly lasso 'bout that, as it hasn't yet been officially announced.

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