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A Roblox mini-game is the next video game property being turned into a TV show

With former Lucasfilm exec on board.

Creatures of Sonaria, a popular mini-game featured in Roblox, is being made into a TV series.

As reported by Deadline, the deal has been done "inspired by the recent success of The Last of Us".

The project is being spearheaded by former Lucasfilm executive Catherine Winder, executive producer on the long-running Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, now at her new company Wind Sun Sky.

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Newscast: How do you feel about Switch in 2023, following the Nintendo Direct?

More recently, Winder has worked on The Angry Birds Movie and its sequel.

Creatures of Sonaria is a fantasy survival mini-game where you play as a magical creature in a world full of dragons and other fantastical beasts. Here's a little taste:

Cover image for YouTube videoI Survived 100 DAYS as a DRAGON in Creatures of Sonaria
Creatures of Sonaria gameplay.

Wind Sun Sky will now adapt the mini-game's world into a "rich universe" for your TV screens. The project is the first Roblox mini-game to be adapted in this way.

"We will continue to look for rich universes with cross platform, immersive potential, like Creatures of Sonaria, to partner up with and extend into the kind of gamified storyworlds that global audiences and fans are looking for in the metaverse," Winder said.

There's no word yet on when the series might debut.