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A fresh glimpse of Redfall kicks off the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase

Bite back.

It feels like there's been an awful lot of horror at this year's Game Fest thing in Los Angeles. Today Xbox got in on the act opening its showcase with a proper look at Redfall, the co-op shooter about blasting vampires and cultists.

Redfall's the work of Arkane Austin, and today's overview mixed up a bit of gameplay with a look at the playable characters. We start approaching a spooky church and then head up into the spire where vampires are leaping about. Shotguns and nice vampire-burning-up effects ensue, and then we're off to learn a bit about the town.

Redfall at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase.Watch on YouTube

The titular Redfall is an island community in Massachusets apparently, but now the whole place has gone to heck. Vampires have blocked out the sun, drained all the water, and cut the town off. (Wouldn't draining the water do the opposite?) Expect spooky Americana, like a funfair and an old cinema which appears to have the wilderness growing inside. Expect Left 4 Dead-type action as you take on different enemy types.

Alongside a lot of vampire killing the video also offers a look at the people you can play as, including a shapeshifter and a cryptozoologist and someone who can create spooky objects to get a bit of higher ground. We also get to see what looks like a dense character upgrade path, and encounters which you can stealth through or go in guns blazing.

Redfall's out in 2023 for Xbox consoles, PC and the Cloud. It will be on Game Pass day one.

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