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Snazzy 3D replays will make the PUBG 1.0 release this week

Camera panning.

Fancy 3D replays will be a part of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' glitzy 1.0 release this week, on Wednesday 20th December.

The replays record what's going on around you so when you die - assuming you do, of course - you can replay what went down, seeing things from your killer's perspective, which sounds grisly, and with the freedom to pan the camera around the local area.

The idea is not only to capture great moments but to help people understand how they can do better next time. The tech can be used to track down cheaters, apparently, too. You can try the replay feature out on the PUBG test servers now if you like.

This week's 1.0 release is a big milestone for PUBG, and the star attraction is the new desert Miramar map, which we've put under the microscope.

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PUBG arrived on Xbox One last week courtesy of the Game Preview program, so it's a work in progress rather than a finished release. And do bear that in mind, because in its current state PUBG performs badly on Xbox One, and Xbox One X.

Nevertheless, the Xbox One launch has gone very well, with Microsoft counting more than 1 million PUBG players in only 48 hours.