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360 dashboard gets rearranged

Autumn Live update details.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has let slip more details for the imminent Live update in a cosy Japanese press briefing.

The biggest feature is a redesign for the Game blade, removing the Live Arcade list and replacing it with a snazzy Game Library, according to a translation of events by 1UP.

You will now be able to see all of your games in one giant pile, or break them up horizontally using filters - yes, to the side. This uses the same familiar twist navigation seen on the portable media player Zune, and not too dissimilar to Sony's CrossMediaBar.

On top of this Marketplace has been re-dressed into four categories: Featured Content, What's New (copycats), Game Store, and Video Store. Below this, lists will be organised by using the horizontal twist feature.

You will also now be able to write a short story about yourself around 500 - 1000 words long, so you can say all sorts of naughty things as you search for virtual recognition among your peers.

Live Arcade demos will be removed from your Played Games and Gamercard lists, too.

The Live update is due to be implemented on 4th December, and brings with a Facebook-style friend-poaching ability as well as downloadable Xbox titles including Psychonauts and Halo.

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