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View your friends' Xbox friends

New dash feature next month.

Xbox 360's upcoming autumn dashboard update will introduce the facility to check who's on other people's friends lists.

The update, primed to launch on 4th December, is already known to introduce Xbox Originals - Xbox 1 games available to download for 1200 Microsoft Points each.

"With this new feature, members can find old friends or connect with new ones within the community," Microsoft says in a press release.

"Xbox Live continually seeks new ways to better serve the expectations of its members, which often result in enhancements made available for free through the bi-annual Dashboard updates," said the platform holder, adding our biological and technological distinctiveness to its own.

Or, if you want to avoid being spotted on other people's lists/groomed, you can go to www.xbox.com/fof and select one of the three options there. In theory anyway - we couldn't at the time of writing.