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343 details Halo Infinite's new Career Rank progression system

Arriving in this month's Season 4.

343 Industries has shared more on Career Rank, Halo Infinite's previously teased new progression system, ahaed of its Season 4 arrival on 20th June.

Career Rank is described as a "larger progression system" that reflects players' time across the entirety of Halo Infinite's multiplayer modes, and is said to be similar to the progression systems found in Halo: Reach and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

According to 343, Career Rank is tied to a player's Personal Score, meaning that while all multiplayer matches will help players rank up, better match performance means faster progress through its various tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Onyx.

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Each tier is divided into military style Ranks (Cadet, General and so on), and those are further split into three smaller increments known as Grades. As such, Career Rank features 270 stages players will need to progress through before hitting the ultimate accolade of Hero, with some of these awarding the likes of new armour, weapons, vehicle emblems, and nameplates.

As for bragging rights, a player's current progression level will be visible to others in various places throughout the game. These include match intros, individual player profiles, during the Post-Game Carnage Report, and in most situations where a player's full nameplate is displayed.

All 270 stages of Halo Infinite's new Career Rank progression system.

343 notes all players will start their Career Rank from scratch when the feature arrives as part of Season 4 on 20th June, and that prior play won't be factored in.

Alongside Career Rank, Halo Infinite's Season 4 promises new maps, new customisation options, Forge updates, as well as the return of the Halo series' zombie PvP mode Infection.

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