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2K launches Duke Nudem website

NSFW. Not safe for anything, really.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

2K Games has launched a promotional website for upcoming first-person shooter Duke Nukem Forever called Duke Nudem.

The NSFW version asks you to shoot targets, sometimes moving, to make models take their clothes off. Yes, they get their breasts out.

There are four girls to compete against. Dead Eye Stacey, for example, is a "lethal shot and knows her way around a Kalashnikov as well as she knows her war around Duke".

The description continues: "A hard-drinking, hard-screwin', hard-ass. It's a brave man that takes her on."

You can upload your high score to social network sites, and download wallpapers of the naked models. Level one is called Hard Targets.

In February Gearbox Software boss Randy Pitchford told Eurogamer he was perfectly happy with any feminist organisation outcry over the game's chauvinist, womanising star – so much so that he welcomes it.

"I'll tell you what, if some feminist organisation that is doing a great job advocating women's rights worldwide, which I think is really important, can get some advantage by using Duke... go for it.

"How is there a downside for humanity? Go for it. Take it. Use Duke. That would be awesome.

"If anyone can better our world through the use of anything, and if Duke is a tool to help them do that, that's fine. The people that are entertained... The choices people make are their choices."

Duke Nukem Forever, set for release next month after years trapped in development hell, sees aliens attempt to turn women into baby making machines and cigarette packs adorned with the word, 'Fags.'

According to Pitchford, DNF's attitude towards women isn't a one-way street. It takes a dim view of men, too. "He's the centre of his universe, and everyone in his universe exists to please him, and women offer him different things to men, but he himself is... His whole purpose in existing is to save and protect women – not that they need saving and protecting, but in his world they do, because there's this rare reality of how our species reproduces, and so the aliens are going to use that against us."

He added: "By the way, here's another bit of commentary which is fun – the downside for the men in Duke's universe is that the aliens have the ability to convert men into pigs. So that's where you get the pig cops and the pigs in the game. That's what happens to the males of the species. The males get converted into pigs and the women just get used as breeding factories to make alien babies.

"Are men pigs or not? I don't know. I don't really care. I think people are people. But that's a joke in culture – men are pigs, haha – so you play with that joke."

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