Pokémon Go Berries - Nanab Berry, Pinap Berry and Razz Berry explained and how you use them

When and where to make use of the trio of encounter-ready Berries.

Pokémon Go Berries are one of many types of items you can collect as you roam around the real-world, and one of the few you can employ as you encounter wild creatures, changing the way Pokémon behave, making them easier to catch or giving you bonuses.


A Berry is in use whenever it appears beside a Pokémon, and you cannot use others until it wears off.

You get them all from the same method as most other encounter items - by spinning PokéStops - with a slim chance of a Berry or two being handed to you. You'll also get them from certain level up rewards.

They're fairly uncommon, so keep spinning these stops, and amongst the Pokéballs and curatives you should receive a small quantity over time.

To use Berries, press the icon on the bottom left corner of the screen, giving you a list of your available Berries. Select it to bring it into the field, and tap it again to use it.

Once it has been used, a Berry icon will hover above the Pokémon to show the effect is currently in use. However, if the next landed throw is unsuccessful, the Berry will then disappear. While you can follow it up with another Berry, you can only use one Berry at a time.

Each Berry has a different use and a few caveats on how they effects work, which we'll be explain below.

Nanab Berries

These new Berries, introduced as part of the Gen 2 update, slow a wild Pokémon's movements. With creatures exhibiting new encounter behaviours that make them harder to land Pokéballs - as well as the usual ability to leap and attack, making them temporarily invulnerable - these make a creature's movements easier to read and predict.

We recommend using them on creatures when you need to land as few balls as possible - such as when your stock of Pokéballs are low and as such, are at a premium - or to help you learn Pokémon behaviours for the first time.

Pinap Berries

Also introduced as part of the Gen 2 update, Pinap Berries will double the amount of Candy you receive if your next catch attempt succeeds.

That last part is particularly crucial; the doubling effect appears to only work if you successfully capture the Pokémon with the Pokéball that immediately follows the Berry. As such, you'll want to ensure the Berry doesn't go to waste by combining it with other Berries and more powerful balls - and, if you can, managing a Nice, Great or Excellent catch.

If you fail to catch, you can always follow it up with another Pinap Berry to reinstate the temporarily doubling effect again. However, the effort will be worth it, especially if you are encountering a rare Pokémon where Candy is at a premium.

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Razz Berries

If you've played Pokémon Go since the game's summer 2016 debut, the Razz Berry should be fairly familiar by now. By feeding this to a wild Pokémon, it'll make it easier to catch.

The potency of the Razz Berry isn't certain, but it's thought to increase your chances by a few percent. Having higher quality balls - such as Great and Ultra Balls - increase your chances even more, but combine these with a Razz Berry - as well as any elemental Catch Bonuses from Medals - to give you the best possible chance of a capture.

Like other Berries, the effect of Razz Berries do not stack and will disappear if your next capture is unsuccessful, so make sure you keep pilling them on to ensure you chances of capture remain high.


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