Destiny - Silver Dust, Ornaments and Radiant Treasure in Rise of Iron explained

A close look at Rise of Iron's cosmetics and how you can get your hands on them.

Introduced in Destiny: Rise of Iron, Ornaments is a new cosmetic item that gives certain Exotic weapons exclusive new skins and visual effects. Joining Ornaments is a new currency type - Silver Dust - and a new mystery bag, the Radiant Treasure, both of which can be used to gain new Ornaments and other new objects.

Here's a rundown of how all of these work (Radiant Treasure is at the very bottom of the page) and a closer look at each Ornaments in Rise of Iron.

How to get Silver Dust in Destiny: Rise of Iron

Silver Dust is one of the most important - and confusing - new additions in Rise of Iron's cosmetics.


While Silver (which is purchased with real-world money) is still used for purchasing Emotes, Silver Dust is used for buying Ornaments and buying certain cosmetic items from Tess Everis, including a Gjallarwing (75 Silver Dust) and Destiny's cosmetic Artifacts that add Lens colour filters to the game for 15 Silver Dust.

While at launch Silver Dust was required to apply Ornaments to Exotic weapons and Raid, Trials and Record Book armour pieces, this requirement was removed as part of a November update.

The next question is, where do you get Silver Dust? From the following locations:

  • Dismantling Ornaments. If you receive any Ornaments you don't want - whether they are duplicates, for Exotics you won't ever use or are simply clogging up your inventory - then you can dismantle them for 5 Silver Dust each. Keep reading to see where you can get a free supply of Ornaments each week.
  • Dismantling Paper Glue from Festival of the List 2015 gives you 1 Silver Dust.
  • Dismantling Iron Banner armour from Dusty Iron Engrams will provide 1 Silver Dust.

As well as the above, players should have received 15 Silver Dust as compensation for the change to Horn Relays from Year 2 alongside the game's Wrath of the Machine Hard mode October update.

It should be noted Radiant Treasures no longer give out 1 Silver Dust as of The Dawning update.

Destiny Ornaments - Where to find them and how to use them

In order to get your hands on Ornaments, you can find them from:

Once you have an Ornament for an Exotic - your collection is listed in their own area of the item inventory - go to the weapon's Perk tree, and use the corresponding slot on the far right to select the style of your choice. Installing Exotic Ornaments no longer costs Silver Dust as of the The Dawning update.

Each select Exotic has two Ornaments to collect, while Armor sets just have one. You can see what they look like below, and there's some pretty garish options - fancy a Gold Truth rocket launcher? Sure you do!

Here is the list of every known Ornament in Rise of Iron; everything after The Young Wolf's Howl was introduced after October's 400 Light level / Hard raid update.

Launch Ornaments:

MIDA Multi-ToolSpecial OpsArctic Survivalist
Zhalo SupercellNot a ToyShock Hazard
TruthHeart of GoldPrototype
HawkmoonCarrionMoon Glow
Monte CarloSuperspyRoyal Flush
InvectiveStorm's ReproachIconoclast
TelestoQueen's CommandLingering Vestige
Khvastov 7G-OXBureau of AeronauticsLast Warmind
Nemesis StarMeteoriteSilver Bullet
TrespasserFallen AssassinCrucible Assassin
The Young Wolf's HowlThe Wolves RememberBorn in Fire

Post-release Ornaments:

Bad Juju *DragonsbaneHoodoom
Black Spindle **RagaboneCold Between Stars
Ice Breaker **NanohanceDunebreaker
Red Death **Steel WitchWhite Witch
Thorn **Rose of CorruptionRose of Acid
The Last Word **The SequelAddendum

* Ornaments for Bad Juju were made available as part of Festival of the Lost.

** These will be introduced as part of The Dawning as part of Treasures of the Dawning mystery boxes.

Images of every available weapon Ornament:

MIDA Multi-Tool Ornaments - Special Ops, Arctic Survivalist


Zhalo Supercell Ornaments - Not a Toy, Shock Hazard


Truth Ornaments - Heart of Gold, Prototype


Hawkmoon Ornaments - Carrion, Moon Glow


Monte Carlo Ornaments - Superspy, Royal Flush


Invective Ornaments - Storm's Reproach, Iconoclast


Telesto Ornaments - Queen's Command, Lingering Vestige


Khvastov 7G-OX Ornaments - Bureau of Aeronautics, Last Warmind


Nemesis Star Ornaments - Meteorite, Silver Bullet


Trespasser Ornaments - Fallen Assassin, Crucible Assassin


The Young Wolf's Howl Ornaments - The Wolves Remember, Born in Fire


Bad Juju's Ornaments - Dragonsbane, Hoodoom


Red Death's Ornaments - Steel Witch, White Witch - final designs TBA


Thorn's Ornaments - Final designs TBA


Second, here's every launch Destiny armor Ornament. There are technically only three, one for Days of Iron (from Rise of Iron's Record Book), the Wrath of the Machine Raid (Spliced Cosmoclast) and Trials of Osiris (Scarab's Vigil).

Note there are also new Ornament enabled armour sets as part of The Dawning event, from Sparrow Racing League and Treasures of the Dawning mystery boxes:

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How to get Radiant Treasures in Destiny: Rise of Iron

Similar to Sterling Treasure that was introduced as part of the Year 2 April update, Radiant Treasure is a mystery bag that give players:

  • One random Exotic Weapon Ornament
  • 1 Silver Dust
  • Up to two possible additional items (out of - Days of Iron Ornament token for Days of Iron armour; Finger Wag emote; or Vanguard, Crucible or House of Judgement Reputation booster)

All players can earn up to one Radiant Treasure box per week free by completing a match in the weekly Crucible playlist. (Before The Dawning update, it was completing a Strike in the SIVA Crisis Heroic playlist.)

Like Sterling Treasure, you can also purchase additional Radiant Treasure boxes by spending 200 Silver at vendor Tess Everis (Silver is the game's premium currency that can be purchased with real-world cash.)

You don't have to have Rise of Iron to purchase these by the way - though only Rise of Iron players can get them free through the new SIVA Crisis Heroic playlist, those still playing with The Taken King expansion can get their hands on them by using Silver.


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