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Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Master Mode adds toughest mini-boss to starting area

New Golden Lynel discovered.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's new Master Mode is serious business. How serious, you ask? Well it takes what was the game's most challenging enemy in the open world (and quite possibly in general), the White Lynel, and places it in the goddamn starting area.

That's right. You might not even have a shield when you encounter this beast on the Great Plateau. At best you may have a Traveler's Sword, which isn't going to do much damage before it breaks. Yet here it is, a White Lynel in all its glory, equipped with bomb arrows.

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Making matters even worse, enemies on Master Mode regenerate health if you go too long without attacking them. Yikes!

We've not discovered a viable way of tackling this beast so early, save for the obvious approach: run!

While the White Lynel is among the biggest threats in Breath of the Wild's default difficulty, Master Mode adds an even harder tier of enemies with the new apex predator being the Golden Lynel.

These beasts are rare, but YouTuber The AverageGamer discovered one of these in their stream. You can watch them fight it at the 8:44:10 mark below.

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