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Zelda: Breath of the Wild: The Champion's Ballad DLC teased

Focuses on Zelda herself, and the past champions.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's meatiest DLC pack, due out this "Holiday", has just been teased by Nintendo.

It's now been given a name - The Champion's Ballad - and will apparently focus on Zelda herself and the four champions who fought and died 100 years before the events of the main game.

A teaser for the DLC showed Goron champion Daruk, Zora champion Mipha, Rito champion Revali and Gerudo champion Urbosa alongside Zelda herself.

Will we be returning to the Hyrule of 100 years ago, pre-Calamity? It seems likely. But will Zelda be playable?

Before all of that, the game's first DLC pack The Master Trials launches this summer. Today saw our best look yet at this, too, including some of the stages in its new Trial of the Sword dungeon. These look relatively substantial, and include levels with both ice and lava surroundings.

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Finally, a round of new Breath of the Wild amiibo is also set to be released, one for each of the previously mentioned champions - but there's no word yet on what exactly these will do.