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Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedrunner finds surprising new way to travel

Stone me.

It's faster than a horse and quicker than gliding - a Zelda player has discovered a new way to travel: clinging to the side of a flying boulder.

Breath of the Wild has been out in the wild for almost a week, but players are still finding new ways to play around with its sandbox.

Take, for example, the game's Stasis power. It lets you transfer energy to an object you have frozen in time. When the object becomes unfrozen, the pent-up kinetic energy can send items (or enemies) flying.

Did you know you could also cling to the side of a boulder while it flies through the air? I did not. More exciting, for some, is what this might mean for the game's speedrunning community.

Players have already managed to beat Breath of the Wild's final boss in just over an hour - by heading straight for Hyrule Castle and managing to complete what lies in wait without taking any damage.

Using this boulder-flying ability may shave off yet more time.

Zelda speedruns are fascinating to watch - each must start by finishing the game's Plateau section and its collection of shrines. After that it's a mad dash to the centre of the map, and Hyrule Castle.

Speedrunner Venick, whose GIF is above, claims to have the current world record of 1:05:17.09 - that's one hour, five minutes, 17.09 seconds.

Meanwhile, most players are 40 hours in and nowhere near capable of attempting the final boss. (I once got close to Hyrule Castle, got killed a lot, then ran away.)

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