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Zelda - Kah Okeo and Wind Guide trial solution in Breath of the Wild

How to solve the Tabantha region trial.

Kah Okeo is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named the Wind Guide trial, is a puzzle that has you navigate a variety of obstacles using a Korok Leaf to generate and manipulate wind. Get it right, and you'll walk out a success.

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Where to find Kah Okeo

The Kah Okeo shrine is located within the Tabantha region, specifically hidden under a rock slab that needs to be lifted with an Octo Balloon.

To get there, paraglide south-west from Tabantha Tower, and it's right in the south-western most part of the region. If you can get some height, you'll be able to spot the dark rock slab against the yellow-tinged ground quit easily.

Drop and Octo Balloon onto the slab and it'll lift itself up and out of the way, revealing an entrance below. You can also use a combination of casting Stasis and hitting it with something, if that's easier!

Drop down into the hole, and you can't miss the shrine itself.

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Kah Okeo and Wind Guide trial solution

This trial's fairly lengthy, with several stages to it, but we found it fairly manageable with some patience!

First up, grab the Korok Leaf from the chest on the left (it's essential!) and stand close to the closed gate.

Swing the life in the direction of the turbine to spin it, and open the gate - dash through quickly as it'll close after a second or two!

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You can ignore the explosive barrel in the tunnel, or you can blow it through the tunnel with the leaf - because on the other side, below you, are three small Guardian Scouts.

Either shoot the balloons with an arrow or two to drop the explosive barrel on the Scouts, or defeat them in normal combat.

Then climb your way up the apparatus in the middle of the chamber, until you see a turbine - blow wind at it with the Leaf, and it'll spawn a floating platform with balloons attached.

Hop onto the platform, but don't make for the exit ledge ahead of you just yeat. Instead turn around and go to the back of the room, where there's a chest tucked out of sight on a ledge. Inside, you'll find a Gold Rupee (300 Rupees!)

Then, head to the platform at the other end of the room.

Follow it to the left, and soon you'll find another small guardian in front of a cracked wall. Blow them both up with a bomb.

On the other side you'll come to a large, cavernous room, with a platform and small turbine just in front of you. Blow wind at the turbine with the Leaf to fire you high up in the air.

Immediately hang left and go to the small platform with the chest, which contains a Forest Dweller's Sword - a nice classic Zelda Easter Egg!

Glide straight from that platform to the one with the ladder going up to it, with the large column on. Pop a bomb on the cracked floor at the top of the ladder and blow it up, to reveal the updraft within.

Sail up to the top of that, and blow wind at the turbine nearby with your Leaf to spawn another floating balloon platform.

Head to the right first to get the chest on the small platform, which contains a rare Giant Ancient Core!

If you lose your platform, don't worry - glide down to the bottom of the column and ride back up to the top. Blowing wind at the turbine again will spawn another floating platform (which is probably easier to direct from this starting position anyway).

Now, you need to carefully work your way through the spiked blocks in front of you to the other side. Just take your time and be purposeful with your use of the Leaf, and you'll be fine! Remember to glide to a ledge below if you fall off, so you can restart faster.

You're almost there! You have two options now, one significantly faster than the other. The shortcut is to fact the big column made of destructible cracked rock, and shoot it with a bomb arrow to blow it up.

The long way, if you don't have any bomb arrows, is to head into the back room and hit the turbine with some Leaf wind again, to spawn another explosive barrel attached to some balloons.

Direct that to the cracked column, then shoot it with something, to blow up the destructable rock and reveal another updraft.

Use the nearby platform and turbine to propel yourself upwards, and glide across.

At the top of that column is a chest, which contains a small key for the exit.

Drop slightly down from there to the back of the column, and you'll see a ledge jutting out in the direction of the room that spawned the floating bomb barrel. Jump off that and glide down towards the slightly lower ledge.

When you get through, hang slightly left and land on the small platform to get the chest...

...Which contains a handy Thunderspear.

And now, at last, you can drop down a tad further to the right to the locked exit door, and unlock it to exit.

Well done!

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